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Online Programs

Online Learning


LMU offers a wide variety of online and hybrid courses and online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Online Courses

  • Provide 100% of your course content, instruction, and assessment via the Internet
  • No face-to-face class meetings are required.

Hybrid Courses

  • One or more -to-face class meetings are replaced with online content, instruction, and/or assessment.
  • Hybrid courses blend both online and face-to-face delivery.

Canvas is the web-based learning management system used at LMU. Canvas allows students to receive class resources, submit assignments, view individual class grades, communicate with instructors and classmates, and much more.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing        

This program prepares the RN to function at a professional level and to be qualified candidate for graduate education.                                                                                      


Masters of Science in Criminal Justice

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills that will prepare for careers in management and administration.


Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration degree is designed for those who wish to pursue leadership roles in the ever-expanding field of public service.                                                      


Master of 教育

The Masters of 教育 is designed for the practicing professional with on-line courses, relevant and current coursework, and an emphasis on collaborative learning experiences.


Master of Business Administration                   

LMU offers students an online MBA program that provides extreme flexibility throughout the completion of their graduate business degree.


Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration

Nursing Administration prepares nurses for finance, 预算, 市场营销, and analytics for healthcare strategy.                        


教育 Specialist Degree Program

Designed to extend and expand the student's level of professional competence beyond that attained through the master's level program.                                                


Doctor of Business Administration    

The mission of LMU's online Doctor of Business Administration program is to create a doctoral learning opportunity for business professionals in Appalachia.


Doctor of Nursing Practice

The DNP program will challenge you and allow you to discover new ways to view yourself, to view the art and science of nursing, and view the world at large.


Doctor of Medical Science 

The purpose of the program is to provide a comprehensive advanced medical training program to PAs who wish to further their medical education.                          


Master of Veterinary 教育 

Dedicated to preparing veterinary professional educators.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Master of Science in Psychology

Designed to provide students with broad training, including the areas of developmental, cognitive/neuroscience, social psychology, and personality.