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Office for Student Diversity and Belonging

Welcome to the Office for Student Diversity and Belonging!

Staff: Ms. Elise Syoen (, Interim Officer for Student Diversity and Belonging.

Mission: The Office for Student Diversity and Belonging facilitates an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and the value of inclusive environments that respect the dignity of all individuals—ultimately fostering a culture of "belonging" at Lincoln Memorial University.

Vision: We strive to help facilitate a welcoming and premier undergraduate experience, where students from all backgrounds are supported and invited to explore, embrace, and share their diverse identities and experiences. Working with departments across campus and student leaders, we contribute to a campus environment that promotes inclusion, cultural awareness, and a campus culture of "belonging" by providing support, information, diverse experiences, and resources.

Program Goals:

  • Support students from historically underrepresented groups
  • Celebrate diverse experiences and identities
  • Foster an atmosphere of community, support, and mutual respect
  • Create a culture of "belonging"
  • Provide co-curricular and leadership experiences to foster greater critical and independent thinking skills
  • Prepare students for entering a global workforce